Starting a VPN

Hi, i work at my uncles office in downtown, his got DSL connection and no fixed ip address. I have installed in my house DSL too a few days ago and i would like to start a VPN network but have no idea how to start or where.
The question:
How do i start a VPN network, any ideas on great tutorials. Both my uncle and me navegate through a broadband router and have windows xp.

Thanks a lot.
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Hi churrasco,
Well you could do this a few different ways and I am sure people will suggest them all. One you could use Win2k Server's Routing and Remote Access, but this would require you to have knowledge of those things. I think the best thing in your situation, assuming this is pretty much a small office, is to use a little linksys VPN router such as this:

Hook that up at your uncle's office, you can use it as your internet router or whatever. It does not have to actually be your router, but it may as well be. It would be nice if your uncle could get a static IP, these are being offered rather cheaply now, but you can use a "dynamic dns" service like at:

Once you get these setup you can should be able to access the network at your uncle's office without much difficulty. The linksys box is nearly foolproof. Hope this helps.

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I agree with NetworkArchitek.  To elaborate:

You have 2 choices:

1)  For unlimited connectivity between both private networks:
Get two VPN routers of the same kind (although most are interoperable, it's easier to deal with only one vendor so they can't point fingers if something goes wrong).  Install one at your site and one at his site.  Make sure the IP addresses dont overlap.
For example, the network at your site is and the network at his site is
This way, you can set your router's inside IP address will be and his will be  Addresses in those ranges will be assigned to clients behind each router respectively.
Then, setup the site-to-site VPN tunnel between the two routers.  By the way, don't assign or if you can.  If you need to add tunnels in the future those address ranges are widely used and may overlap with yours.  There are ways around that but it's complicated...

2)  If your only need is to connect to his office, you just need one (1) VPN router at his site.  Then, you use a software VPN client on your computer to connect to his network from anywhere.  
churrascoAuthor Commented:
So far is good to start, but i was wondering if i could get some more professional vpn, i´m not going to buy to routers of the same brand, not because of the money, but because of the challenge, you can´t get some if you make it that easy.

Are you saying you have decided to go with choice 1)  ?
If so, are you also saying that you prefer to get two routers of different brands so you can get experience in configuring them to interoperate with each other?
What do you mean by "more professional vpn"?  Please clarify your above statement... I've read it over and over and I am not sure what you mean.
He wants something more robust so that he can somehow learn more about it. The more professional setup would be too purchase two seperate routers. You could go with a Cisco solution if you want something more robust and professional.
Right.  A solution using a Cisco PIX and a Cisco router works fine for me.  When I implemented that, it allowed me to learn IOS as well as PIX OS and the VPN tunnel is very stable and works like a charm.

With two different brands, you could go between a Cisco and a Checkpoint for example.

Cisco has sample configs for a lot of different scenarios.  See:
(I think you need a CCO login for this)

churrascoAuthor Commented:
The cisco link its useless unles you give me a login name and password.
But, have you registered with Cisco for a CCO account?  Click on the "Register" link on top of their home page.  I think this will give you access to some parts of the web site.  I can not tell if it will work for the link above however.  This is one issue with Cisco's site, unless you have a service contract, some of their resources are not available.

However, give it a try... there's a wealth of information you can get by registering.  Then, if you purchase any equipment from a Cisco reseller, be sure to purchase a SmartNet contract AT THE SAME TIME.  This will allow access to pretty much everything including the downloads section.  The reason I say "at the same time" is that, in my experience, it's difficult to get a SmartNet contract after.  The cheapest contracts you can get are the 8x5xNBD (8 hours x 5 days/week x next business day) service.  If the equipment is not critical, this is what I do.  Also, one very nice advantage is that you can open TAC service requests (SR) on the web site for assistance from a Cisco engineer if you run into trouble with your configs.
I think we should split points between networkarchitek and myself?

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