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Is there any way to change EXE file description ? Something like Windows API maybe ?
When you right click an exe file and display the properties, you will read its description.

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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
Description is an item of file version.
Follow the codeproject's sample
After GetFileVersionInfo, use VerQueryValue() to obtain '\VarFileInfo\Translation' value. Store translation in a structure like this:
      struct translate
            WORD languageId;
            WORD characterSet;
      } Translation;
Now use VerQueryValue() again to obtain 'VarFileInfo\xxxx\FileDescription' where xxxx is translation ids.
Read more at GetDynamicInfo() in this sample code:

MSDN info:

To do this, you need to add Version information to your document.  If you're using Microsoft Visual C++, you can just do an "Add Resource" and select Version in the add resource dialog box.  The steps to do this are a little different depending upon which version of Visual C++ you have and which type of project you have.  Then you can put the description that you want to show up in the "FileDescription" section of the version.  Hope this helps.
muis2002Author Commented:
Yes, I know that. I made the exe my self. But my question is, is there any way to CHANGE it? Using external application I meant.
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It has to be built into the exe.  You can't change it externally.  If you made the exe yourself, why can't you add the resource and recompile it?
Win32 has 'UpdateResource()' that can be used to change any resource. You can also open the .exe file in Visual Studio, all you nedd to do is selcting "Resource" in the "Open as" combo box.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Must be programaticaly?
If you just have to change some info about Version Resource, use Visual C++, open .exe file **as resource**, all resources of file will appear, including version resource, then you can change it and save again.
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
If you want to update it programatically, read this article:
muis2002Author Commented:
Thanks for the information. But I cant find any information about how to change the DESCRIPTION (not the file version).
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