Scrollbox with a Tupdown control for scrolling (so no scrollbars)


I'm looking for a control like Tscrollbox but with a Tupdown controll for scrolling instead of Srollbars.

What i'm trying to accomplish is to get a control where u have property TotalPages for example 10. A click on the tupdown down control would then scroll one page down (the size of the control) using the scrollby method. A simple check to see wheither there can be scrolled up or down by keeping a currentpage position. I can more or less create this behaviour without creating a component but the problem is that i like to be able to push on the Tupdown buttons in design time as well to scroll down in design time to add other controls on a new "page". So a Customn control would make sense.
Which parent class would i have to use etc, and is it even possible ?
Can anyone help me with this since ive never created a component and i'm clueless on how i would accomplish this all.

thanks in advance
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Just a suggestion - use TNotebook (from Win 3.1 tab). It has pages - you can add pages dinamically and instead of Scrolling down and up, you can show the next tab. This will be simple and easy solution for your needs. If you still need TScrollBox - you can create TScrollBox on the tab and set its align to alClient.

Of course it will not work if you want to display graphic.

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joyriderAuthor Commented:
Didn't knew about Tnotebook it's just what i needed, I can create pages and use a TupDown to control which page is active. Thanks !
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