Failure to detect keyboard and mouse.

Hi, about two hours ago I restarted a computer of mine that runs Windows 2000 due to a Windows Update. When I restarted it I noticed that the keyboard and mouse couldn't be found (since the cursor doesn't show neither does the Windows button work, even Number Lock won't turn off when you press the key) and I have tried another mouse and keyboard which neither worked. I repaired Windows 2000 by booting from the install disk and that didn't help either. I am confused as to what to do and what has caused this, it is late at night and I can't be bothered sitting through a windows reinstallation if I can help it. If anyone has any help at all to share, please do so, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and good night/day wherever you are.
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try getting into your bios setup and load the default settings, see if this helps as you have changed kb & mouse maby something changed there.

hope that this helps

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Julz0802Author Commented:
Hi, thanks. I tried it, but everything in BIOS seems fine... I am confused as to what to do, this is all very frustrating. I have re-installed Windows 2000 into another folder on the partition which can detect the mouse and keyboard, unless anyone knows anything really helpful then I will just stick with the new installation.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
are u sure u have them plugged in correctly to the correct ports and u have not mixec them up...
Make sure they are in corrects ports,   Are they PS2 ?
Julz0802Author Commented:
Yes I have double and triple checked everything, it is all right. The mouse and keyboard are in their respective ports, and the BIOS screen shows the all-clear as far as correct settings are concerned.
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