exe problem over sbs 2003 network

Ok here is a good one for you all.
New client
Small Buisness Server 2003
Some 98 some XP PC
everything working when pc were shut down last night
In monring 2 of the pc can not open there main software which is basically a short cut on desktop to exe on server not installed locally
When you click on shortcut  hourglass comes up for a sec and goes away, if you hit ctl alt del to see whats running in background it says that the program is even though can see it.
So call tech support and they said to scan for virus, spyware, clean out temp etc so did that no help
So then i went and tried other exe on server from these 2 pc same thing. NO exe will open up on desktop through network although computer does show ALL of them as running in background
So then I had the same user log on to different pc and it worked. Then I had different person log with there username to pc not workin and they worked.
So then I though maybe local profile on the 98 pc so i renamed it and restarted causing it to make new profile did not work.
Then I made new user on server did not work.
Now they all have norton on them but possible an email with virus as open in morning but did not do anything as they though norton had caught and was the w32.beagle and they have also had the w32.netsky in the past.  I have no idea what else to try but reinstall Windows 98 but what if it is something to do with server profile? But if that was the case why can they open the exe no problem when logged into different pc and other people can log on to t rouble pc no problem its only when they are usiing there own pc.  Can't be computer account as there is not one when its 98.

If anyone has any idea please let me know thanks
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SMB Signing

SMB - Server Messaging Block. It's the standard transport for all file & folder traffic on a Microsoft Server. With W2k Microsoft introduced Digital Encryption or signing for local area network traffic. In my opinion it has been an unmitigated disaster, causing more problems than the issues it was supposed to address - network sniffing.

In many server you will get 1 or 2% traffic when transferring data from server to workstation, turning off this signing generally fixes the issue.

In your case I'm not 100% sure, but turning it off is a good start.
As a first step on any W2k3 setup I always disable SMB signing as this causes all sorts of issues with traffic...

In Default Domain Controller Policy

+Windows Settings
 +Security Settings
  +Security options

set to disabled:
Domain Member: Digitally Encrypt or sign secure channel data (Always)
Microsoft Network Server: Digitally Sign Comminications (Always)
Microsoft Network Server: Digitally Sign Comminications (if client agrees)

jmcaulayAuthor Commented:
What is SBS Signing?
I think my answer is correct here, but I try to avoid arguments by offering a "ping" first.

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