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What books do you recommend?

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As far as web development books go, it’s not your current level that is the only indicator of which books would be good but also the level you would like to achieve. If you are looking to become well versed web developer on Microsoft platform, there are variety of technologies you need to be familiar with including client side development (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), server side (ASP, ASP COM Components), database (SQL Server, Access).

WROX is my favorite publisher and they have a bunch of good stuff. One of the best ASP 3.0 books is called simply Active Server Pages 3.0. It is a very thorough review of most of the techniques in VBScript and Jscript and is excellent reference. Another great book that will give you a good understanding of how to create a dynamic website from start to finish is E-Commerce by Matthew Reynolds. It uses real world scenario to drive you through entire process from designing the database to organizing your code to writing it and publishing it.

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The fact that you are working with a domain that ends with .net is not related to development tools you should be using. .net/.com/.org are just domain name classifications. MS .NET is the latest array of technologies that is used for web and windows development and it differs significantly from the prior technologies. If you are free to choose, you should start with .NET and ignore ASP 3.0 and COM development. Javascript, HTML, and CSS can be used in .NET and are worth time investment.

One more thing to clarify is difference between JScript and JavaScript. JScript is MS version of JavaScript. It can be used to write server side (runs on web server) ASP instead of VB Script. JavaScript is client side (runs in browser on client's computer) scripting language used to acheive dynamic behaviours in browser such as data validation, various graphical effects such as rollovers, drop down menus, and such.

If you go with .NET, you can choose from several languages, most popular being C# (read C-sharp), and Visual Basic.NET. It is a good idea to choose a language and stick with it. Visual Basic is somewhat more user friendly and it may be easier to learn for new developers. C# is based on C/C++/JAVA and is somewhat more cryptic. My choice was C# since I am more comfortable with the style.

There are a number of good books on C#. One of the most thorough introductions and a good reference is:
C#, Programmers Introduction (Deitel & Deitel)

Then a well written real world web development scenario:
Professional Asp.Net Website Programming (Wrox)
Wasn't aware of such policy. I'm not really looking to build up points but offer help when I can, directly or through EE.
soporificAuthor Commented:
I wasn't trying to skirt any experts any points.  I just wanted an opinion which I thought he could provide since I liked his answer style.  Sorry gbajramo you didn't get your points...

soporificAuthor Commented:
I actually have other domains too, I just thought that particular one might give you more insight as to what I'm looking to do.  I'm aware the TLD extensions are just names, but I figured if I was going to learn something I should do it with whatever was going to have longevity into the future.  Thanks again, I think this case is closed.
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