PHP5, PHP4, MySQL 3.x Questions

Wonder if anyone can help. I've got various questions re: various vers of PHP 5,4 with MySQL 3.x

1. Can PHP 5 work with MySQL 3.x? Got any URL's to any articles to prove it if it does work? I can't find anything definitive anywhere on the net.

2. I've got an ISP that has setup PHP 4.2.3, and PHP 5.0.2 on the same webspace. They tell me that the PHP5 pages have to end in :eg to be rendered as PHP5. I've not tried, but, has anyone else come across this?

If I upload a PHP5 page containing just phpinfo() and then :eg will that then show me info re: the PHP 5 installation?

3. Anyone any links as to how to setup a server with two installations of PHP (4 and 5) running simultaneously? This is for local working.

Thanks, Ben.

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the extension of your page .asp, .jsp, .htm, .html, .php, .php3, .pl, .py, etc. is what tells the server which parser to use to interpret the code. You can make your server push .htm files through php if you really want to - and some people like to do this - cloaks the fact that the pages are dynamic.

php5 should work with mysql 3x - nothing to stop it... just bear in mind that some scripts written in php5 will require a higher version of mysql and could use queries that aren't supported.  It's usually best practice to use the latest stable version of any software for mission-critical apps.

As for setting up the server with 2x installations, as long as you install them to different paths and put the right information (which version to use to parse what type of page) into apache's httpd.conf then you shouldn't have a problem.  I would check dependancies before installing 5x and back everything up beforehand in case you need to rollback.

bcopsAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply.

By end of page, I thought they meant that the content within the pages ended in :eg, not the actual pages themselves.

Thanks for the info re: mysql3x and 2x versions.

> content within the pages ended in :eg

hrm, dunno how they would manage that - maybe they are pre-parsing the pages before they decide which pre-parser to parse them with prior to rendering.

sounds horsecrap to me :-)

you got info on their support pages? I'd like to check them out.

bcopsAuthor Commented:

Yeah, it sounded rubbish to me too.
Anyone else any URL's on setting up both PHP5 and PHP4?
Or anyone else actually tried PHP 5 with MySQL 3.x?

Thanks, Ben.
more research for you...

Article 1

John Coggeshall explains, using two Apache instances, Apache's mod_proxy and a virtual host.

Article 2

Urs Gehrig does 4+5 on windows. This is probably about the quickest and easiest way to get them running together. Of course PHP as a CGI is not quite the same as an Apache module, performance / $_SERVER variable-wise. Urs also has a handy page of links on PHP5 Installation:

Article 3

Tobias Schlitt explains how to get both running as apache modules under Linux.

hope these help


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