Prevent auto install of network printers

How can I prevent  my laptop using XP SP2 from auto downloading printer drivers from other machines on the network. I do not want to  set all printers on the other desktop machines to "Do not Share" as I do want them to share on the otherdesktop machines. I remember some time ago finding a setting somewhere which was something like "Do not allow auto install of network printers" but after searching everywhere I can think of I can't find it again. It might have been in some utility like Tweakui but I have looked in all the utils I have. Is there a registry entry I can edit.
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doneck8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Open up My Computer or Explorer goto the tools menu.  Choose Folder Options.
Click on the View tab and the first option under advanced settings is Automatically search for network folders and printers.  Uncheck the box.
SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello arwood =)

Talking abt something like this ??

Prevent Network Printer Drivers:
I'm not running XP right now on my notebook, but if I remember correctly you can find your answer in Explorer.  EXTRAS - OPTIONS.  On my computer (in German) it's the third tab, but could be somewhere else on yours.  There is a setting to automatically MAP network drives and printers.  Just deactivate it!
arwoodAuthor Commented:
I have split the points as both answers were correct but doneck8's solution was simpler and the exact solution I was trying to remember and achieved the registry change without having to directly edit the registry.

huntersvcs solution may work with non XP but there was no Extras - Options menu item in XP. Thanks anyway

In fact thanks to all three of you for a speedy response.

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