WIN 2003 WEB EDT. / DOMAIN NAMES / adsl router...

How do I get my os (win 2003 web ed.) to server multiple domai names???? even one for that matter...
I need some guidance...
I also have a adsl linksys router to make the problem even more complex for you..... need serious help here...

thank you...

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The router doesn't make things more complex in any way.
Presuming that you have a static IP address, point the domain names at that IP address in DNS, and configure the router to forward port 80 to the web server. By default the server will serve the default web site on for all the domains.

However if you want multiple web sites, then create the sites as normal and use host headers to control which web site is delivered for which domain name. You configure host headers using the Advanced button on first tab of the web site properties.

nicolasballAuthor Commented:
well actually my problem has now changed.... I am using sambar server in win xp and virtual hosts for multiple domains... however my ip is dynamic but I am using a service called WinIP ( but its not working, (i.e. not updating my ip address) could you help me out... i have configured my router to allow it to tranfer data on that perticular port (3822)...
please help me... thx
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