Windows 2003 SBS - Can add a user but no mailbox created - How can I fix this?

I have Windows 2003 SBS running at a clients office.

The system has 30 user licence, and they have 29 users.

I was adding a new user last Friday, but the mailbox was not getting created. I deleted the user, and tried again, still nothing. I renamed an existing account, but in the mailbox list the account was still the same.

The Global address list has the new user.

I have done Windows update, and got the latest updates for Windows 2003, but not the latest SP for exchange.

I done a restart on Friday night, and tried again. Still the same.

Any ideas how I can create the mailbox.


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harleyjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you add the user through the wizard the mail attributes are set. It's not until the user logs in for the first time or a message is receivec that the actual oject is created in the private store.

If they're in the GAL, they're in the game...

intraliaAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately when I have tried to send him an email, the email address is not listed in Outlook. When I check the GAL in System Manager the user is listed. Therefore, I can't send them an email. When I set up Outlook on the client computer, it tells the mailbox name is not recognised.

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