SQL Server error '80040e23' Cursor operation conflict

The server has been stable for over 2 years, all of a sudden we get errors when updating data thru ADO that read:

SQL Server error '80040e23'
Cursor operation conflict

The row actually does get updated, but the script halts on the error. A simple 'on error resume next' will allow the user to complete their tasks, but of course I do not want to continue that as the error affects all the databases on the server, not just one and I now suspect my installation may be corrupt.

I can use EM and open the targeted tables and manually change data, no problem. I have gone so far as to move a database to another server and reconnect thru ADO, eliminating the error, thus confirming the SQL Server or IIS is to blame.

I have tried to re-install SP3 and get the 'unable to validate password' message, so I cannot try that route at this point.

I have ssen posts here that suggest a workaround using a different method of opening and updating recordsets but that is not an option as it would be quicker to re-install SQL Server and restore the databases.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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RaremethodAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved.

Needed to Set NOCOUNT ON and change

sp_configure "user options", 512


sp_configure "user options", 0

All works as before.
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