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3 Things I need to know how to do in PS.  

1- how do I resize a picture to both minimize it and lower the resolution
2- how do I erase a backgound  OR foreground to then add something else or even just a color
3 how do i cut and paste someone elses head and put it on another body and make it look realistic.
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Andrew DuffyTechnical Services CoordinatorCommented:
LMAO. Is this a serious question?

1 - From the Image menu, choose Image Size... The figures you're interested in are Pixel Dimensions (image size is directly proportional to file size i.e. half the size of the image and you half the size of the file) and Resolution. If the photo was taken with a digital camera or scanned in, it's possible the resolution is 300dpi or so. 72dpi is a reasonable resolution for on-screen use but don't change this if you're intending to print.

2 - The easiest way to do this is to use the magic wand tool to 'cut out' what you want to keep or exclude what you don't want to keep. For example, let's say you've got a picture of a person standing against a wall - using the first method you would use the wand to select the person and then you can 'cut' the person (apple-x) and paste them into a new image. using the second method you would use the wand to select the person and then choose 'Inverse' from the Select menu. This would then select everything *except* the person at which point you can cut the background.

3 - Although there are some general rules to follow in order to get good results with this kind of image modification, it's the kind of thing that gets better with practice. Start off doing it in black and white - learn how to use the blur tool to blend in the edges of the new head to the neck in the existing picture. It really is a case of playing around or getting someone who knows how to show you (and that's not something best demonstrated in words it has to be said).

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