All links to a program are missing.

Yesterday I tried to open Photoshop by using the desktop icon but got the “Missing Icon” message. Then I tried Start> Programs and got the same message. I tried every other way I could think of but nothing worked. Photoshop 6 is still on the programs list and on the Install/Uninstall list, so I assume it is still on the hard drive, but all the links are gone. Does anyone know of a way to restore the links? (I’m on windows 98.) Any help would be appreciated.

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can you not open any icon in your desktop or entire windows

do this , search for ShellIconCache  and delete or rename it.
restart the machine and check what happens

Hello Olafr2 =)

Check in C:\Program Files\Adobe Photoshop that if the program .exe is still present there and u can run it from there ??
if u can run it from there, then u can just right clcik the shortcuts and correct their targets to the right locations !!
Or can create new shortcuts for the program :)
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have you tried to uninstall and reinstall photoshop and has that helped
Olafr, First of all Feedback is not for posting ur commens abt ur question, its for posting ur thoughts abt a particular expert..... so plzz post all the question related comment here in ur original question :)

u wrote, "No, the Adobe folder, which should contain Photoshop, is empty. I guess I'll have to reinstall Photoshop,no?"

So first of all the question is.... how come the Adobe folder got emptied.... ??
Did anybody use ur system, did any type of crashing occured or did u run some scans on ur hard drive ??

Bu whatever cause was it,,,, the net result it u must have to reinstall Photshop in order to get the deleted stuff back !! =\
But be careful this time :)

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I have come across many situations where the user has gone into Windows Explorer and inadvertantly slipped with the mouse.  Could it be that the Photoshop directory, and all subdirectories have been cut and pasted somewhere else - could be anywhere.  Do a search of the entire C drive for the photoshop directory, then move it back to where it should be, if found.
Olafr2Author Commented:
I hope I’m putting my response in the right place.
Good advice, all, but nothing helped. I wound up doing what I was trying to avoid: I deleted all links and reinstalled Photoshop. What happened is still a mystery but the problem is no longer a problem. Thanks all.

yes u are writing in the correct place :)
and its sad to hear that u had to reinstall..... but that cud be done only in case when all the files were already gone from ur system =\

and as for u this problem is solved, u can close this question, for more info. on how to close a Question, plzz refer here >>

Thanx & Cheers ^_^
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