creative 5.1 sound problem

i have abit ic7-max3 motherboard on board sound and creative 5.1 speakers. i connect the speaker wires according the color at woofer and mb. but when i test the speakers through software if i click rear the front speaker respond and all of them are interchange. how to solve this.
and is there any software other than came with mb for this 5.1 speakers. any free downloads form internet.
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marctinaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you looked at the sound application that gets installed into the Control Panel?  
There are controls to set what speaker is ported to what connector on the back panel.

Realtek regularly updates their drivers, the ones one the ABIT site are way out of date.  Maybe try their latest driver release?

By chance are you overclocking your motherboard?


here's the color code for the creative 5.1 jacks:

Front: Lime Pantone 577C
Rear: Black
Center/Subwoofer: Orange Pantone 157C
Speaker Out: RCA jack
F/L & R/L: White
F/R & R/R: Red
Center: Black
Check to make sure you have Windows recognizing your setup.
Go to Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Speaker Settings - Advanced -  Then select 5.1 setup in the drop down box.

That should get it if you have the speakers plugged in correctly.
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