Record to MP3 device, cheap

I have several meetings a day which can last up to 2 hours each. Ideally i would like to record them and replay them at a later day via my computer.

I am therefore looking for a device which can record  and store up to approximately 6 hours of voice recordings and then allow me to download them to my computer to store and if required play back. It does not really matter on the format that the device records to, but Mp3 would be ideal as i can just use Windows Media Player and if i need to sent it to anyone else then i can easily and not worry about play back issues.

I have looked at the iPods and i think that they can do this - however they are expensive. Is there any other device which will do this or something that someone could recommend.

Many thanks

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Can you not use your laptop during the meetings. You can just use SOund recorder that comes with the OS and use it to record whatever you need. You can store aslong as there is hard disk space.. LOL !!

Then you can convert that wav file into mp3..

or are you looking for something like this

What is your budget...
gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for your reply.

I cannot use my laptop in the meetings it not always needed and it may put people off when conversing with them - its also a little large to take everywhere !

My budget is £150 UK Pounds or $270 US Dollars.

Thank you :)

gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hi i have just looked at the link - something like that would certainly interest me. I would have to buy a larger mem card but yes something like that :)
gisvpnAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks to your post above i did a search for MP3 recorders. There where loads. I eventually found some really good ones on eBay as below

Brilliant thank you !
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