How do I set Tab Stops in VB.Net Rich Text Boxes?

I am programming in Visual Basic .NET and I wish to set tab stops in various text boxes.  The SendMessages and LB_SETTABSTOPS does not work for BV.NET like it does in VB6.
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Hi Harold,

First, make sure that the TabStop property for each of the controls you want to have a tabstop is set to True.  Then set the TabIndex value for each control to the order you want the tabstops to be in (first control TabIndex = 1, second control TabIndex = 2, etc.).

I hope that helps.

Harold_LominacAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying Rob.  Perhaps I used the wrong terminology.  When I am in a rich text box, for example, and I press the Tab key, the cursor moves to the nearest tab stop within the text box.  It is similar to Microsoft Word.  I wish to set the positions in the document so I can have fields line up.  IN VB6 I can use LB_SETTABSTOPS and SendMessage to do this, but this doesn’t work in VB.NET.
Harold_LominacAuthor Commented:
Well I think I found the answer myself.
The tabs are set for highlighted text only.
Use the SelectionTabs member as:
      Dim ListBoxTabs() As Integer = {100, 300}
      RTB.SelectionTabs = ListBoxTabs
This portion is executed when a button is pressed.
The tab stops are applied to the highlighted text.
That's fine... I didn't understand the original question.

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