How do I create a Menu Item for Open Windows

Hello again all,

I would like to add to my menu a "Window" functionality, much like any other Microsoft "Window" menu item.


Whenever a new "Window" (in my case a c# Form object) is created it is added to the bottom of the "Window" menu list under a seperator bar.  When clicked it changes focus to the "Window" (form) selected from the menu.  If too many "Windows" are open, it opens a dialogue box instead, with a list of currently open "Windows" and allows you to Activate, Save, or Close the window selected in the list box.

If there is a solution to this already posted on the web somewhere, a link is sufficient to earn the points for this.  I can't imagine that someone hasn't already asked this question, I just can't find the answer.

I already have the menu, including the Window selection, and Tile Vertically, Tile Horizontally, Cascade and the seperator bar....  all I need is instructions on how to do the rest dynamically.
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Here's how to show the windows you have in your MDI form in a menu:

(at the end of the tutorial)

Another tutorial which is somewhat similiar:
kevonAuthor Commented:
I can't believe how easy that was!!!  Grrr.

Thanks Andre.  Look for more questions soon  :)
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