indian outsourcing

Does anybody have any experience with managing an outsourcing relationship in India?

I'm interestingn in knowing who the major outsourcing players are - who is reliable - who has a reputation - and most important, who has excellent communication skills.

There was a company that recently floated on the nasdaq I think which was an Indian outsourcing firm.  Who was that?

Any recommendations?  Any past experience?
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Well, there are some top Indian IT companies, that do the outsourcing work. You may wish to go to their web sites and get more information on each of them. I am working for one of them :)

NIIT Technologies Ltd (
Wipro Technologies (
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (
Infosys (
Satyam Computer Services (

Well for Completing projects its ok to do so.

But your an application that needs constant Customer Support i would not reccomend it. I dont enjoy calling dell and speaking to outsourced people and i cant understand. I buy hp / Toshiba because of this.

I think its Mastek but there are like 5 of those indian companies that are public
You can look closer, instead of Off-Shore outsourcing you can go and look into
near-shore outsourcing. I dont know about the price, but I know that there are
companies in Mexico that do quality software with competitive prices like that of India but
with the advantage of having better communication skills and the same time zone.
(at least Central U.S. time zone)

and now for shameless self-promotion :D


Choose U.S. in the country combo box to get the english site.
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I would suggest you should first decide on "Whether to outsource ur project to India or not".
You will find major giants outsourcing to India.
You will find people who either hav a positive or negative thought about indian outsourcing.
So with a neutral mind thinking about all pros and cons first decide "do u really want it"

If you decide to outsource then look out for Indian companies, that you will find many with quality work.

I would suggest outsourcing a big project to some company than giving it on sites like Rent-a-coder.
I won't comment on CodeProject bcoz it has its own reputation as major and well known dev community.

kenshawAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify - I already have a team in India on an outsourcing relationship.  I'm looking at setting up another and  would be interested in getting the names of companies that have worked well for other people with experience in outsourcing.
Ken, Your a great american. Thanks for sending some of those low skill jobs off shore. Last thing we need in this country are those pesky little white collar jobs (and we certainly don't need any blue collar ones).

kenshawAuthor Commented:
I'm an Australian.
Well I'm an Indian and working in Pune,India
You can take a loook @ profile of company where i work -

We do have major satisfied clients.

I hope that helps you to some extent.
You may wish to contact me on my email that is mentioned in my profile to get the details about the company that I am working for. We have major clients in Australia, UK, US, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, China, India, Malaysia etc etc. I could also send you a detailed document on our companies profile if that helps.
For your info, India is a leader in the IT outsourcing work. Apart from the companies that I have mentioned,there would be loads of big and small companies in India that take the outsourcing work. The companies that I have mentioned do have overseas clientelles and they are big, blue chip companies and organisations. And needless to say that they have people with excellent IT (soft/tech) skills and excellent communication skills. I would'nt be surprised if all of them are listed on NASDAQ. I am not sure which one were you after.
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