disable active window tracking in xp

i activated active window tracking (i.e., mouseover sets focus to a window) via tweakxp 4, didn't like it, turned it off in tweak, but the system continued to function as if it were on.  after turning it on, reboot, off, rebooting i uninstalled tweak - system still acting as if active window tracking were on.  did some googling, found the appropriate registry entries (current_user>control panel>mouse>active window tracking) - changed this to 0 reboot, no good.  turned to 1, reboot - no good, turned back to 0, reboot - no good.  deleted the registry key - no good.  system restored to back a week, reboot - no good.  did all the above again after the restore - no good.  undid restore, did it all again - no good.  using several different registry tools i found and removed every registry entry dealing with tweak - no good.

5 minutes ago i bought a paid membership to ee for just this problem.  it's only allowing me to assign 500 points to this question but if there's a way i can do more, i'd be more than happy to.
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Hello subhailc =)

>> current_user>control panel>mouse>active window tracking

This setting only applies to ur present user account,,, so create a new user account, and transfer ur data to the new one :)
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Hopefully the information above has helped you.

I did have an issue, though not from installing TweakXP on gain and loss of focus in XP, this helped me.
Programs may quit, start, or lose and gain focus randomly

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Question: Will all tweaks be re-set when I uninstall Tweak®-XP?

Answer: No - all tweaks will remain active. However, on the very first start of Tweak®-XP, the software creates a System-Restore point. You may switch back to this point using the System-Restore feature of Windows® XP. Please check the Windows® XP documentation or help file for details on the System Restore feature.
Once you have set your system back to a system restore point prior the installation of Windows® XP, all tweaks  will be re-set.

My guess is that you may not have had enough older restore points to get back to prior TweakXP 4 installation.

If you've turned off System Restore, as an example, to do troubleshooting, cleaning for virus/trojan/worm or spyware activities, the restore points are also removed.  
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subhailcAuthor Commented:
SheharyaarSaahil - thanks for the reply, but i do have (several) custom settings that i don't want to lose.
astaec - thanks to you as well; however this all happened today and i restored to a week previous (10/22 to be precise).

i'm curious and troubled that i've gone so far as to manually remove the germaine keys from the registry yet the trouble persists.  that quote from tweak is valid, but refers to the fact that most of what it does are just regkey changes which of course wont be reversed on uninstall.  i had thought that system restore included some facsimile of a registry backup, but apparently not.  i can only guess that tweak copied an obfuscated key to the reg that takes the place of the one i mentioned - but i don't know anything about how the os works.

any other ideas?
sometimes the key can be present under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop also >> http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/18/

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I personally never choose to install 3rd party tools to modify things in the OS from past experience and poorly written uninstallers, which this appears to be the case.  Really good, well-written software in the uninstall routine should remove everything it effects, including registry keys it loads.  This application apparently didn't.  As I read through all the items at the TweakXP home site and searching their databases just for active window tracking items, a huge number of elements can be modified.  Tough to say how many registry or interfaces were affected by this installation and activation of elements.  Whenever I modify the registry, I always export keys first to restore them if needed and recommend that highly.  BUT, if I ever do install any beta software or do testing, I also always back up the registry and keys I know will be impacted.  

Sometimes, the uninstallation routine may be fairly well written but some of the interfaces can't be uninstalled because they are using some system resources and can leave residuals and problems.  Sometimes reinstalling the problem application and uninstalling it again helps, sometimes only SAFE MODE works.  Admin access is advised, of course.
also try running this registry file and restart to check ??

Disable Active Window Tracking

source >> http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Have you checked the run items in the registry; also start-run-msconfig to see if any of the TweakXP elements remain there?  Perhaps some services were stopped or XP default services changed as a result of installing and enabling the TweakXP element?  

Question: After uninstalling Tweak®-XP, Tweak®-XPs icon is still displayed in the controlpanel. How can I fix that?

Answer: the controlpanel must be closed before Tweak®-XP is uninstalled, otherwise the controlpanel applet is read-only, and the uninstaller cannot remove it from the system. To manually remove the controlpanel icon, do this:

Start the Windows Explorer and delete the file txp3.cpl, which can be found in the Windows\system32 folder

and more possibilities here....

subhailcAuthor Commented:
SheharyaarSaahil - that worked perfectly - i had seen mention of the userpreferencesmask but it wasn't present where i found the activewindow key - wouldnt have thought to look where you pointed - i'm fixed and thanks very much

astaec - you're solution probably would have worked too but i'm fixed up - either way i appreciate your time and you deserve points as well... how do i do this?  can i just make some bogus question up and have you answer it?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I'm totally happy to hear that the issue is resolved.  I'm quite happy that you gave the points to Shehar, not a big deal, just happy you got what you needed.  In the future, you can always split points, the option is at the bottom and share the points anyway you like so long as they total the original value.
Best wishes,
":0) Asta
subhailcAuthor Commented:
asta - i understand, should have looked around a bit; thanks again :)
subhailc.... glad that it wokred for u :)

tha registry file from kellys-korner is perfect for this situation, coz i have checked it by opening, and it disables the keys from both locations... just wanted to tell u for future reference.
Cheers ^_^
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