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hi everyone.. not sure if my question belongs here in the first place, but lets try

we are a small company that manufacturers a peice of hardware and software, and we need some sort of support web site.  Something simple that will require users to sign in.  We dont have any web developers not can we spend tons of money on developing one for us.  I can probably find a machine that will run IIS, and we enough bandwidth to host this in house..  here's the question: can anyone suggest a solution?  

your help is deeply appritiated.

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It is not difficult to do a small web site; school kids do it. We can give you links to free training resources that will have you hands on in a matter of a few days.  We'll need know what your current skills are and a little background so we point in the appropriate direction.

For the sign on you will need some kind of simple database.  An Access table is probably all you need to start.

If you don't have any experience at all with web dev, then probably a plce to start is with HTML tutorials at and then off of that you can brack out into the tutorials on other tools that that they have there.

Bernard S.CTOCommented:
You might consider ready-to-go open source solutions relyinf on apache, php and mysql.
Since you are somehow in the software business, the few adaptations n,eeded should be within your reach.

A good starting point would be I launched a seach and OpenIT might look like what you are searchng for, but there are certainly other solutions.
Some "CMS portal" do have additional modules specific to support, eg EZpublish and Mambo. Again, there are others

I think may help you.
Cloud Class® Course: CompTIA Cloud+

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If you've mainly got experience with Windows servers, has a good, free, offering.  That website is a DotNetNuke website itself, and certain portions are viewable by those who have logged in, while other portions are only for members. After registering and downloading the source code, all you really need to do is copy the files to an IIS website and setup folder permissions as described at

I've used DotNetNuke for 3 websites so far, and it's been very easy to administer.
free (open-source) message board, 4 years in development. lots of modifications available.

for not-that-simple portal version, try
A lot of this seems a bit out of the scope of your requirements from my reading. For simplicity, I would recommend building the basic web page yourself, as its been said, you will have no problem doing this. Then all you will require is a small login script, not sure how secure you require it to be, but Im sure you can setup a basic database to allow people to login. If not, build the site yourself, and pay a developer to do the basic login features for you - its not a big job and shouldnt cost you to much depending on what exactly you need :)
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