linksys VPN router question

     I got a Linksys VPN router and configer it so that I can connect to it from a remote location. I use the VPN client that comes with the Linksys Router and the software says that I am connected to the router, but that's it.. I dont' know how to acceshs the files and computer that's hooked up with the router.. says that a UPnP device has been installed. what is that?   please reply ASAP.. how to I browse my 2000 server that's connected with the VPN router from remote location..

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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once you're connected, see if you can ping the LAN IP of the server.  If you can, you can probably map a drive to one of the network shares or create a desktop shortcut to the server (again, using the LAN IP).  If that doesn't work, let us know what you found and give us the model of the VPN router and let us know what OS you're using.
Thanks for the A.
I also am having a smilar problem with a Linksys WRV54G. I am using the Linksys VPN Client software and can complete the tunnel. Once the tunnel is active I can ping, and access, a printserver and the router's LAN port but I cannot acces my MS SBS 2003 server or the MS Exchange message store residing there? Linksys has been NO help?

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