Storing Everyday Data on a Dvd

I want to store all my data on a Dvd rather than using about 7 cd's to do the same job. I would like to know how the Dvd can start automatically when it is inserted, to enable me to view its contents and directories in much the same way as Cd's do with autorun. Thanks a bundle.
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if you place files and folder onto a dvd using a dvd rewriter, upon being inseted into a computer the dvd should auto run, if not simply right click the dvd icon and click open, very simple

good luck with DVD  !!!
Hi tabitha1,
Well use a DVD Burner. You can set the same sorts of options for a DVD that you do for a CD. As far as "autorun" I don't think this is what you mean, autorun is accomplished using a little simple script. But the DVD will do the same sorts of things the CD will do in XP or whatever you are using.

if you are running XP its posible for a window to come up asking you how you would like to view the contents of the disk.
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