how to reset a msflexgrid control


I am trying to reset my flexgrid control once the user has pressed a "done" button. I could use help resetting the grid to only display the title bar ->>    MSFlexgrid.TextMatrix(0, whatever)

ive tried the msflexgrid.Redraw = (True) and msflexgrid.Refresh   but they don't get rid of rows which is what i am looking for. I did not see any delrow or any such property like that so I can't figure out how to delete a row using properties.

any help is appreciated.

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JR2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This line will set the number of rows on a FlexGrid to 1. You can also do a similar thing with 'Cols'.

    MSFlexGrid1.Rows = 1
msFlexGrid1.Rows = 0
msFlexGrid1.Cols = 0

These two lines will clear entire control.

You could also use next code to clear all cells

For i = 0 to msFlexGrid1.Rows - 1
  For j = 0 to msFlexGrid1.Cols -1
  Next j
Next i
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