keyboard adds extra lettewrs

I'll type this as it cxomews out and you can sewew ewxtra lewtters are addeds - mostly "x" and "d"
I dseltewd the keyboard in dsevicew manager and rebooted but it made no dsifferenr.
Any suggewstions?
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try another keyboard, to see if it is the problem.
You can also turn it upside down and rattle it, clean it, because some debris can lock down keys
have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the keyboard?

What is the maker and model of your keyboard?

To be on the safe side, scan for viruses, adware, and spyware.
boot to a windows 98 startup disk and see if the problem happens at a dos pompt, try a known good keyboard, try the suspect keyboard on another system.
good luck
As all the extra characters is just beside the correct one' s i will assume its a bad keyboard.

However there is a slight chance that a bios setting can be the culprit
Check if you in you BIOS have a setting called " typematic rate " or something similar
and change that

duggywuggyAuthor Commented:
It was a dud keyboard, not the driver etc - thanks guys :-)
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