HP 3650 - a Unknown Device?

Dear Experts
I am using a hp deskjet 3650 printer.
It is not printing now.
I am using Win-98
In hardware profile it is shown
Unknown device.
Software and Cables and other
external connections are

Do I have problem with my printer?
What could be the problem.
It was working very nice for the past 4 months.
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First setp would probably be to delete the printer, and then download the latest software and drivers.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the link forreinstallation:

You can also try the printer and cable on another sytem.
You can uninstall the printer and printer software from add/remove software, or from the HP program; then reinstall
since it is an usb 2.0 device, you can uninstall all usb entries in device manager, and reboot.
Does the printer show under printers (start>printers)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
No response from you here.  Have you made any progress?

How current is WindowsUpdate?

You said it worked now it doesn't, what did you change?  How is the printer attached?  Any error messages?  

See if this helps you, and please stay involved in your question here and provide feedback on your progress.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Key points from the above link, and more there, but worthy of mentioning is timing.
The printer is connected via the USB port. USB installation problems primarily occur if the user plugs in the USB cable at the wrong time during setup or clicks Cancel during software installation. If you did either of these (or if your USB printer install failed for any reason), re-installing the driver will not work. The printer install may also fail if components from another printer installation remain in the system. The uninstaller that is supplied on the printer CD-ROM may not remove all the components and it may be necessary to use a supplementary uninstaller, this can happen with Windows 98 and Me.

Software & Driver downloads for Windows 98.  HP recommends that you use their drivers, not the Windows 98 drivers due to some loss in functionality and problems.
HP Deskjet 3650 Color Inkjet Printer

Good luck, let us know.
I had this problem too on my network. I just dealt with it and installed using the cd. It should work. I have the same printer and had it connected to a Netgear FWG114P router/print server. It didnt recognize it but it still prints. You may want to try to install the other drivers so if you installed the Postscript install the one numbered 5 or 6 instead of PS. That should fix your problem.
you can uninstall the printer & Printer software.
and go to device manager and remove unknown device.
then remove USB Printer cable from USB2.0(Front USB),
Connect to USB1.1(Back USB)
then install the printer software.

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