collaborative groupware; recommendation requested.

Currently I'm founding a small internet company with several friends. We'd like to use web-based collaborative groupware (e.g. eGroupWare) to coordinate our activities. Could you recommend free software which implements a portal that approximates the following features:

-blog-like forum, where any user can post and new posts appear first
-follow-up comments can be placed within parent postings (rather than having to place all responses after the parent posting)
-attach binary files to postings
-automatic email notification of registered users when a new posting is made
-spreadsheet or some kind of log to keep track of expenses, that everyone can edit (I guess a wiki would do)
-todo lists for each member, that are both readable and writable by each registered user

Thank you!
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-- Adil
Try out PHProjekt. It is free.
bobwood2000Author Commented:
I think you're on to something with twiki. What plugins to Twiki would you recommend to me, given the needs I mentioned in my inital post?

Thank you.
i haven't used twiki. but going over its main features, i don't think you'll need too many plugin modules. but you might want to look at these:
- BatchUploadPlugin  (it's already there as `File Attachments')
- NotificationPlugin / NotifyOnChildModificationPlugin  (already there as `E-mail Notification')

-- Adil
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