Make connection between Office Network (Windows XP) and Plant Network (SCO UNIX) for file transfer.

I have two networks namely Office Network running on Windows XP and Plant Network running on SCO UNIX (SCO OpenServer (TM) Release 5). The Subnet Mask for both networks is different. (Office Network whereas Plant Network I have made one PC on Office Network as an interface PC by installing an additional network card to have physical connection between Office PC and UNIX Server. I believe I need to install some program in SCO UNIX Server so that I will have connection i.e. Samba. I want data to be transferred from this UNIX Server to Office PC.

My questions are:
1. How can I make the network configuration to make connection between these two?
2. How can I make the file transferred from UNIX Server to Office Network PC?
3 How can I automate the file transfer i.e. daily?
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1. you need a router (could be one of your existing systems with 2 NICs, preferable SCO)
2. do you mean transfer this direction only: SCO->PC where SCO pushes? then you best install some kind of ftp-server on your PC
    or do you mean transfer from SCO->PC where the PC pulls? then either ftp server on SCO, or Samba on SCO, or NFS client on PC and NFS server on SCO
3. a) push from SCO: simply create a crontab entry
   b) pull from PC: AFAIK there're som "task managers" arround which can do the same as cron does on SCO
JagadishNallappanAuthor Commented:
1. Since I have 2 NIC on Windows XP PC, different Subnet Mask will not be a problem to make connection between them without a router I guess? But I could not see SCO server from this Windows PC. How can I do this?
2. Yes, I prefer only one direction SCO -> PC and the file transfer only from two directories. Please advice which option should I use if I do not want any possibilities for hacker from PC to SCO server. Please also give me steps instruction how to do this. How to make the file transferred to Windows PC in text format?
3. Could you give me the script?
1. > But I could not see SCO server from this Windows PC. How can I do this?
   you simply need to setup your PC with proper routing (which might be not that easy 'cause it's a PC designed for simple usage and not networking;-)
   The commands you need (in cmd.exe) are: ipconfig, route, netstat; from GUI I don't know (never touch such systems:)
2. you either need a ftp or NFS Server on your PC to push from SCO to PC.
   or you need a (SMB) share on you PC and smbclient on SCO (but that's tricky)
   all these are roughly secure as long as there is no malware on SCO itself
3. depends on 2.
   it's roughly like this (entry in your crontab, assuming as the script from 2.)
42 0 0 * * /path/to/
   make yourself used to how to write crontabs in SCO first

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1) you need router between two networks with appropriate pair of routes, and some wiring to connect networks.
1. Windows XP has undocumented facility of forwardimg packets. systems like FreeBSD or OpenBSD has well established and documented history of forwarding IP packets.
2) FTP is protocol designed to transfer files
2. SCO UNIX runs on PC. So please explain what you want.
3) type "man crontab" at unix command prompt.
3. On OfficePC side or on UNIX side ???
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