Datasource server is not available

This is the error I am getting on my web site after instructing the coldfusionmx service to restart on my redhat 9 machine. I've done some extensive searching on google and found very little that has helped. Here is what I've tried:

1. deleted current neo-query.xml and copied the neo-query.bak as neo-query.xml, then restarted coldfusionmx service.
2. deleted and uploaded completely new neo-query.xml file from a local developer version of cfmx 6.1, then restarted coldfusionmx service.
3. deleted neo-query.xml, rebooted machine, shut down coldfusionmx service, copied local developer version of neo-query.xml to machine, started coldfusionmx service.

Didn't have any luck with these three. Does anyone have any suggestions?

-- Ian
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not sure...
uninstall and reinstall cfmx?
black0psAuthor Commented:
I've already done that. While it fixes it, uninstalling and reinstalling is a pain.
Yes I agree.  But I can't think of anything else that would fix this, although I don't use RedHat 9 myself so do not have as much experience with that particular configuration.

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black0psAuthor Commented:
Thanks anway. We just switched out hosting company. That was a pain, but hopefully it won't happen again.
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