Can I reserve bandwidth to a particualar computer?

I have 4 systems in my home network and iam using Linksys wireless router. My doubt is, is there is any that I can direct maximum portion of my bandwidth to a particular computer.
The reason for asking this question is..  

I am using one of  the computers, xclusively for downloading.. so it is eating all the bandwidth and others systems r loading the webpages really slow...
SO is there any way that I can reserve less bandwidth for the system, which iam using to download  and more for the system, which i use to browse

Thnak u
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jjk16Connect With a Mentor Commented:

heres the list of features, note the p2p management etc
if the router is a linksys wrt56g(s) model then you can load sveasoft's firmware and do QOS on those ports...

its a powerfull firmware,   has other good stuff as well, it should do the trick
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