E commerce system (Curiosity)


q for my curiousity

now i have a project of dev the online store..
however, i still not quit sure wat direction i shold take..
these are my question..

which shopping cart system should i go for?
how do we process the Credit card transaction? through any website?
>> if paypal,, (i don't like this though,, any other?)

how can i process the order status?
>> say mr, JIM orders a monitor though my site,
>> how can i know that the order that been processed?
>> any good toturial that i can read?

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you can go for paypal if u can get back to back agreement I think
A bit of 'non-Java' input - personally i would never order anything from a site that required me to join PayPal unless i could not order through an other vendor.

Anything other than generic credit card processing looks unprofessional
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I *think* that: www.protx.com has some sort of credit card transaction system available for others. But I believe that their servers are currently down... lol (that's not good).  -_-

You *may* find something useful about credit cards at: www.howstuffworks.com

HTH :)
Yes, you might consider a 3rd party to handle the credit card processing. This can be done, e.g. as a web service
tom_mkAuthor Commented:
CEHJ : wat u meant  by 3rd party,?

the thing is.,, i don't want to pay for a vvery very expensive 3rd party service monthly

any suggestion?
>>any suggestion?

I only know they exist. The client would have to build the service cost into their TCO. AFAIK from the point of view of security compliance, it's difficult in any case to do this *without* third party involvement to some extent or other
Going with PayPal will save you money for sure.
I've worked with WorldPay and I think they were quite expensive at the time.
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