Is BCP secure?

I have generated a batch file using BCP to backup my database through the Internet. I wonder if the connection is Secured or not. As far as I know this is a BULK COPY procedure but do not have any Idea what happens if somebody sniffs the packets.
Looking forward to your comments helping me protect the connection for BCP if is not.

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DLindahlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, BCP is not secure.  I've never actually thought about doing BCP over the internet, but I suppose you could script the BCP jobs to work on the remote server then use a secure FTP client to move the data to your local machine.  You could also use a VPN client to connect to the remote network, though the bcp would still not be secure within that network.  It would probably be easiest to go the local BCP route with secure FTP, assuming you are set up with a secure FTP site on the network or system where your database server lives.
Got to agree with you there, BCP is not secure at all.  It should only be used on the same machine as the server itself unless you have some form of IPSEC encrpyption going on over your network.  It is a tool that has a function, no tool alone is secure -- looking at a secure FTP server, will still require work to ensure you get firewalls put in place, some anti-hacking processes developed, .... etc...
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