Urgent !!!! Domain Controller Very slow

Dear All,

I am using windows 2000 server SP4 with all post fixes as a domain controller and DNS, DHCP server.

From two days onwards this domain controller running very slow, i used task manager and found it is taking 95% of memory for all process that is the reason for slowness.

 But the process DNS.EXE is taking nearly 350-400 MB, total memory is (2.5 GB), i verified in another additional domain controller for DNS.exe service on that the service taking only 2.5 MB even that is also DNS server and domain controller.

 I scanned my server with latest antivirus, i couldnt found any virus. if i use Adware will it give any result ?or give me proper solution ..

Its is very urgent for me.. please.

Thanks in advance
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JamesDSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DNS.EXE is the normal process running your DNS Server, and under normal operation it should be taking no more than about 8Mb RAM.

Suggest in the first instance you restart your DNS service:


Keep an eye on the service for a few hours and see if it's RAM use starts to climb again.


Running Adware is a good idea there maybe some spyware using up resources.  Also take a look at this website

This sites documents some of things that can cause process issues and offers various pieces of protection software.

Hope this helps

javeed_ccnaAuthor Commented:

Dear JamesDS,

thats good idea to work on this, i will do now ,n update u.
javeed_ccnaAuthor Commented:
Dear JamesDS,

That doesnt work forme, i restarted both services and i restarted server.
Yesturday i found DNS.EXE service is taking nearly 2 GB of virtual memory. itsss really horrible. not 2 MB it is taking 2 GB of virtual memory. definatly there shoud be a problem.
I try to boot in a safe mode but i couldnt.
What i have to do now ?? please

If this server is only doing DNS, then I would rebuild the machine with Windows 2003 and re-configure DNS with a backup copy of the zone files.

In your case I would look for any more patches and check that you have all the latest patches using HFNETCHK (http://www.shavlik.com/products.aspx)

It is also worth checking the caches on your DNS service - if there is a huge amount of entries cached, then you might have someone using your machine as a lookup server for a SPAM email server. Big caches mean big RAM use.

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