curses to draw a box

hi experts,

i am trying to draw a closed thick box. however the use of characters like hypens, pipes, or underscore cannot give me a closed thick box.

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    You mean draw a thick box in a text editor like vi?
How about use "#" instead?

sonic2000Author Commented:
i need a thick closed border box.
anyway what does it got to do with the text editor i am using? anyway i am using vim.
   vim is advanced version of vi.

   However, with text editor, which deals with ASCII code, it's hard to draw a closed box.
However, you can use "+" at each corner of the box.

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sonic2000Author Commented:
i read about ACS_BLOCK.
How to use all those color constants and drawings?
doesn't seem to work.

   ACS_BLOCK is a parameter for programming fuctions which are defined in ocurses.h.
It's not for plain text file.

Hi sonic2000,
If you have a colour display, you can use VT220 colour codes (or invert mode for monochrome) to exchange foreground and background colours:

Colour swapping:

Inverse: "\x1b[7m"

Reset to normal: "\x1b[0m"

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