To move the Temp,TMP folders

I want to move the TEMP and TMP directories for all my users from Drive C: to Drive O:
When I go to START>My Computer>system tools>system properties>environmental variables I see the following two lines:

TEMP  C:\Documents and Settings\UserMe
TMP    C:\Documents and Settings\UserMe

Yet when I choose to enter one of those directories I get:

%UserProfile%\Local settings\Temp

Since the drive indicator is embedded into the %UserProfile% variable how do I change it or what do I change to either allow ALL users' TEMP and TMP folders to be on drive O: or to allow only one single user to have the TEMP and TMP folders on Drive O:?
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi PawloA,

Have you changed the path in the environmental variables and does it help ?
Go to that same location , click on TEMP and then click on Edit
change the path there to whereever you want to be directed to .
Do the same for TMP

Now restart your syustem and check what happnes if you go to start > run and typein:    %temp%
and press enter. See if it goes to the location you need .

On W2k and XP:
right click My Computer select properties , go to the Advanced tab and click on "Environment Variables", in the User Variable section change the TEMP and TMP settings. You can do the same in the System variales section.
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