How should you change this heap-allocation-code to stack-allocation-code ??
      textel->length = 15* sizeof(int16);
      textel->buffer = new int16[textel->length];
Thanks in advance.

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about the closest you can get is to define:

int16 buffer[15];

as part of the struct.  But it's still probably heap-based, as the struct seems to be accessed by a pointer, most likely created thru a malloc(), although it could be a pointer to static or stack struct too.

Perhaps we coul dhelp more if you'd tell us exactl;y what you're trying to do, and why, and where textel comes from, and is textel static or dynamically allocated, one or multiple times?


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pisselouAuthor Commented:
Hi, I got code which worked, but when I looked with the task manager I clearly had a memory leak (memory raised till it crashed). Now it works fine, and
1) without memory leak
2) I don't have to think about placing the delete
3)maybe faster, since it's on the stack

So, thanks a lot.
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