Reading NTBackup Tapes Under Linux

I want to read the raw data off an NT Backup tape (no need to interpret the save
 sets I just want to manually patch something so raw reading is fine).

I tried the usual dd stuff with various block sizes (including those reported as
 the ones being used under Windows XP) but I always get incorrect block size errors. Linux can read the tape in so far as it can move about from file to file.


dd if=/dev/nst0 ibs=16k > file.1

Win reports the block size as 16384.


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   How about
dd if=/dev/nst0 ibs=16k of=/tmp/file.1

aecooperAuthor Commented:
I tried this first, it has exactly the same effect - wouldn't make much difference in either form anyway - one is to stdout, one to file...

OK, how about use
bs=32768b instead of ibs=16k.
It will force to use "block" instead of "bytes" (1 byte=2 blocks)


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aecooperAuthor Commented:
Nope this didn't work either and I don't quite understand the logic in the answer.

I am now using different backup software and the problem has gone away.
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