How to import raw NMEA data into microsoft Mappoint

I have a GPS device in a truck that sends raw NMEA data to a specific server via TCP/IP on a specific port. Now I need to import this data into a program like Microsoft Mappoint. How can I do this? Does anyone know of anything?
Thank you
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Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
I have never worked with MapPoint but I know it has automation, that means you can attach an ActiveX MapPoint object into a visualbasic application.

So I think you can do this:
You can create a Visual basic application which reads nmea data through a socket port, you need to know first which socket and which frame type (TCP or UPD) will be better with UDP.
Once application receives a coordinate from GPS, send data to mappoint object and finally save your data in desired format.
zbowlingConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Check this artical out on CodeProject:
Writing Your Own GPS Applications: Part I -

Its goes into understand what is in the NMEA statement and how to read and analyze that data in .NET. A really good example on the bottom too.

Then you can use the MapPoint webservice (like I do here or you can use the COM based DOM for MapPoint and create an add-in for MapPoint to display the data or host MapPoint embedded into your app using the MapPoint ActiveX control inside your app. You could even just for kicks use the TerraService api from microsoft to look up 10 year old satellite photos of the area.

Have fun and I hope that helps.

Zac Bowing
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
We have provided some valid alternatives but no author's feedback....
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