Add or Remove Programs is restricted on SBS 2003 Server when accessed by Administrator via Remote Desktop

After downloading a number of security patches from the MS site, I found that when I try to use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, I recieve the message, "Add or Remove Programs has been restricted.  Please check with your administrator."  However, I am logged into the server as the Administrator via remote desktop.
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Try connecting to the console itself via RDP. You will need to start the Remote Desktop client with the /console switch:

mstsc /console

This will connect you to the actual console session of the computer and allow you to do and see what you can if you were in front of the monitor.

Its a remote desktop issue.  If you log into the console you will be fine.  If you look at your rdp connection options, you should be albe to modify the permissions.
normsrvAuthor Commented:
You both seem to be pointing to the same issue, however, it is not doing the trick.  Logging into the actual machine isn't that easy (access) and has never been a problem in the past.
I have tried /console from both the command prompt and adding it to the program icon and still run into the same wall.
Any other thoughts?
Does it work when you are physically in front of the machine? If you haven't tried that then you need to - otherwise we don't know if it is an issue with TS or the machine itself.

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