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Linux Source Code

I know that Linux is open source. (I love those last two words!)
I know I can obtain the source codes from some places like this:
The question is, suppose that I make a little change to this file. Now can I compile it and use it as a part of my own test Knoppix linux for example?
If yes, how? I want to know more about the compilashon. And a side question: Do I really need to compile it?
And a little more to know about the same thing: I am finding the source code for kernel of linux in the above link. What if I want access to the other part of the OS code, for example thos defining the graphical features or so? Are all of these included in the Kernel code?
Pardon me for asking a question like a dummy!
1 Solution

describes how to recompile the linux kernel
so basically you can download the kernel source , make your changes and then recompile

But I dont think you can do it on your knoppix system ( If you are running linux off the knopix cd that is ) as everything on knopix is run from the precompiled system on your CD and no change is made on your harddisk and you obviously can't out your newly compiled code on the cd ..
hence I think its advisable to get a real linux which installs on your haddisk  . say Fedora , Mandrake ., debian whatever :)

Those defining graphical stuff you can get from the site http://xfree86.org/ which has an implementation of the X Window system

hujiAuthor Commented:
Thanks avizit

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