uninstalling redhat

hi i have in my system win 98 and win xp and redhat and now i want to i uninstall redhat so does if the removed the redhat partion using the program diskmgmt.msc which is found in windows xp does redhat will be removed and stoped booting or i need to do another thing
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NetworkArchitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
boot up with your XP disc, choose "repair" and use the "recovery console." Log in then use "fixmbr"

Hi mzahdeh,
Yes you can do that but the second issue depends on how you are triple booting. What kind of a boot manager are you using? If you are using boot.ini from XP then you can just take the linux line out of the equation. Otherwise you can do a fixmbr with XP from the recovery console if you are using GRUB.

mzahdehAuthor Commented:
i have 2 booting the first one is from redhat and then after i use the dos the second boot come from boot.ini so how can i remove the redhat boot and what is the recovery console
mzahdehAuthor Commented:
and after that i can remove redhat partition with no problems?
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