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Sorry to bother you and thank you for reading this. i have a problem with my computer, everytime i go online for approximatly 10 minutes the fan makes a weird noise and i cannot load any pages or anything. i unplugged the fan when the computer starts up adn press f2 to bypass the cpu check and it allows me to go online normally but when the fan is plugged in the internet doesnt work and some vid files can't play. The fan is a stock fan i havent done any mods to the computer. Also i have tried reinstallign the computer back to its factory state and still the fan makes a big noise and the whole internet stops. Can you please help me with this problem in any way it is much apprecited. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.
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CPU or Case fan ?

replace fan ?

Sure it's not your Harddisk ?
This seems to be a problem with the fan, as you  have found out for yourself. Since a fan is normally a low-cost component, I suggest you get another fan with the same specs and connector.

The actual goings-on behind the scene, which allow your fan to take out your internet connection, are a bit difficult to visualize. It may be a short or something in the fan that makes one of the voltages from the PSU fold and that crashes the processes involved or kills your modem or NIC or whatever.

Problems with a fan are normally not software related but are problems with the fan itself (bad bearings, foreign matter inside or something).
CluelessDUDEAuthor Commented:
Its teh cpu fan i would think so. I too don't think has anything to do the fan, just the fan itself is a sign that something is happening. But what confuses me is if i unlpug the cpu fan and restart the computer it shuts down by itself after like 3 seconds but within those 3 seconds if i press f2 it allows me to go ahead and then nothing happens, everything seems to be working fine. Everything was workign fine till i restarted the computer back to its factory installed stuff like 2 months ago and within those months i updated to sp2, can that be the problem? Thank you for your time and your replys
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>But what confuses me is if i unlpug the cpu fan and restart the computer it shuts down by itself after like 3 seconds but within those 3 seconds if i press f2 it allows me to go ahead and then nothing happens, everything seems to be working fine.

Thats a dangerous thing to do, normally a mobo senses the CPU fan and if it is not running it shuts down the PC to prevent the cpu being damaged. I guess you can bypass that function by pressing F2.

Which CPU is it ?
CluelessDUDEAuthor Commented:
yea i bypassed it by pressing F2.
CluelessDUDEAuthor Commented:
hey, an add on to the q. I was reading somethings online and possibly, is it possible that it could do something with the bios? whatever that is
CluelessDUDEAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am shutting this question down because it hasn't gotton any replys and I have actually found a solution to the problem. The solution was to replace the system fan and cpu fan, the cpu was overheating way too much and the fan got a little worn out. The bios also had to refigured to deal with the new fan.
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