My Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 does not start (Vol. 2)

This question is following things discussed in "My Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 does not start" posted by me, so can you please refer to that while reading following...

Ok, I changed the motherboard with new one and here is what happened. I had some troubles to start the computer (it seemed that hard disk was not responding - I just had Toshiba logo on screen and I couldn't hear HD working) but I managed to start it from second attempt. After some 20 min working Win XP got frozen so I restarted the computer by hardware resetting. I took out the AC and the battery, put them back and tried to start comp again but:

1) Both AC and battery Led diodes are on (light green and orange - since battery was not full)
2) When I press the start lights go of (w/o showing light on power led too) and after a moment first the AC light comes on and then after less then a second battery led goes on too.

I think that similar things happened with the previous motherboard. What could this be?
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What happens when you don't have the hard drive in there at all?  Does it then act better?

what about if you have no hard drive, no cdrom drive, and no battery, does it seem to work okay (boot up at least)?

If it does, then try adding the hard drive and testing again.

If it still doens't work right, try another a/c adapter.
milniAuthor Commented:
I just changed all components except the LCD, HDD and keyboard and as I assumed before it works fine now :O)
Thanx for help guys
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