How can I adjust an ASP.NETWeb Form page size in visual studio 2003?

I am trying to create a basic website of two pages in visual studio. I have created an project which has two forms.  I want to make the first form bigger to fit everything I want on the first page, is this possible? I can't seem to adjust the form page size.  When I put more controls on the page, they will not fit and I need to make everything smaller to get them on?
Can anybody help?
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smolamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry meant to say Flow Layout!!
My advice for you is to not use Grid layout and to instead use forms layout, then what you use to position everything where you want is via Tables and Cells.  The problem with Grid Layout is that it is Absolutely positioned so even if what you are designing looks good on your screen with your browser this probably won't be for someone with a different resolution.  I would advise gaining a basic knowledge of HTML if I were you first, it helps explain how the browsers work to display everything.  A good play to get tutorials is here :
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