2 router in a network

Posted on 2004-10-31
Last Modified: 2013-11-29
   here is my setting..
   Rourter A  connect with DSL directly.
            PORT 1:  2000 SERVER
            PORT 2:  WINXP
            PORT 3:  TO A SWITH

            PORT 1:  WIN 98
            PORT 2:   WIN 2000
            PORT 3:  WINXP
            PORT 4:  TO Rourt B
   Router B
            PORT 1: WINXP
            PORT 2: WINXP
            PORT 3: an IP PHONE
            PORT 4: WINXP

all the connections seems to be fine. I can go online. but the problem is that for all the computer that's connected with Routers B, they can't see the computers under Router A and the swith. another word, those pcs can't see the server.

any input will appreciate..  if I place the router B by a swith , will them be in the same network. the reason why I using the router is that it's spare one, and I dont'wanna buy a swith if it will work.. thanks!

Question by:lvf81
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    Are you running a Windows peer-peer network? If so, do the routers allow netbios traffic to be bridged. (MS say that netbios cannot be bridged, but that doesn't seem to stop it!)

    It could possible be a routing problem caused by incorrect routing tables in the routers such that one takes control of a route that it doesn't have access to - usually as a result of an election taking place before all connections are established. This happens very occasionally on our network if we have a power outage across our sites. When this happens, you can ping from a remote machine into the main network, but not in the other direction - this is analogous to you being able to access the internet OK (because the connection originates with the machine you are using) but not being able to see the machine from the other router.

    Try looking at the routing tables in the routers (and the switch if it's a managed unit). Most routers have a telnet interface that will allow you to do this and that will also give you the ability to amend the routing tables as well.

    Try running tracert in both directions across the routers and where that gets you.

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    What types of routers do you have?
    Why do you have 2 Routers, are they on the same subnets?
    Is It a Domain or Workgroup?
    Dns Settings, Gateway, IP Range……

    You’re using this router B as a Switch this might be your problem. You might have setting witch will make the router change its role to a gateway. This could save you from buying another piece of hardware.

    But a regular hub or Switch will probably be your best and simplest answer.
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    All the problems are prolly being cause by Router B. NETBIOS dosent go very well over routers. High end routers are capable of routing NETBIOS but low-end router are totally left amiss. If you can configure the Router B to act as  a transparent bridge (i.e. emulate a switch.) then you problems will be solved. What make is this router b?

    Also, replacing router B with a switch (even if low end....) would be the best solution as it would place all the machines (as well as the IP phone) on the same network segment (physically connected.) Anyways switched networks are always faster than routed networks (because switches operate at layer 2 while routers make trips through layer 3 in TCP/IP model.)


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    What kind of router is "B"? If it is a broadband router, and you have the WAN port connected to the switch with router "A", then I would expect the LAN side of B to be a totally different subnet. Also, depending on the router model, you can change it's operating mode from Gateway to Router. How is it set now?
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    by:NetoMeter Screencasts
    If I understand correct you rely on broadcasts for name resolution on your network.
    The broadcasts do not pass through Router B that's why the computers connected to router B can not see the server,
    which is connected to router A.

    Most probably Router B can not be set as a bridge so you have two oiptions:
    1.Configure a host file containing the entries for the machines that you want to see from the machines connected to router B and copy it to: "%systemfolder%\system32\drivers\etc" on each machine fron network B.
    2.Install a WINS server on the windows 2000 server
       2.1 In Add/Remove "Windows Componets" double click "Netowrkjing Services" and Check "WINS" (it's at the bottom).
       2.3 Point all your clients to the Windows 2000 server as a WINS server in their TCP/IP settings and reboot them (do not forget to point the server too and reboot it - it has to register itself and some of the services running on it in the WINS too).

    Personally, I would prefer the second solution.

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    If you are using the switch ports only on Router B and use Router A as your Gateway, everything should work fine.
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    Total Confusion.

    The diagram is totally wrong. How are 2 routers connected to eachother is not clear.

    Pls redraw and explain.


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    If your router supports turning the routing off and instead acting as an ethernet bridge, then that might be a solution.  The second thing to try is turning off NAT, if your router lets you.  However, there are other problems that can occur when running traffic through 2 NAT routers.  I would recommend finding a decent 8, 12, or 16 port switch on eBay.  It will improve performance versus copying files through a router, and it will "just plain work."  I'm actually surprised that you got as far as getting the Router B computers to work on the Internet.  I wouldn't expect the networking to work, since all of the computers on Router B are sharing an IP address (unless NAT is off).  Still, the switch will give better results than using 2 routers, and it will pay for itself in reduced Advil expenses.
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    The protocol Netbios can not be routed.
    So do not use netbios for cominicating pc accross the routers.....

    or try to communicate with  netbios over tcp/ip .....  

    If they are very low end routers then,
    Connect routers back to back by withdrawing switch ports at both router ends..........

    I suggest this as u r using the routers in the same network----------
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    Do you mean NetBEUI?  NetBEUI can't be routed.  NetBIOS traditionally would ride on NetBEUI, but has been using TCP/IP for a while now, especially in 2000 & XP.  Name resolution issues still exist over different subnets.

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    Thanks everyone.. too bad that can only grand the points to one person. I am not a IT guy so I will go the easiest way possible. will take the suggestion and place the router B with a swith.  
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    Thanks.... another possible way would be to buy a 16 port switch and replace ur primary switch with that and connect all the nodes to that switch. If u can spare the buck go for it.... however a 2 switch heirarchy is just fine.

    Yeah lots of people have helped here. Me is the lucky one.... anyways I needed the points, aiming for the 10k figure to get my Premium Membership.



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