Trying to establish a PPTP VPN between Win2k to WinXP through BEFSX41 Ver 1.50.18

I can't seem to connect to the WinXP box.  It sits on the inside of the BEFSX41 on a Charter ISP.  The Win2k machine can be one of many places.  It's a Laptop I take on the road with me. I've follow the standard XP VPN connection setup wizard.  If enabled PTPP on the BEFSX41 and opened the correct port.  Still no connection.  Any ideas?  
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TannerManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the XP box running service pack 2 with firewall enabled? If so, try disabling the firewall component from the control panel and test again.
You might get some help here:

One option would be to put the WinXP box into the DMZ of the BEFSX41 and enables the Windows XP firewall; you might be able to configure it that way a little more easily.
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