Can not install ASUS audio driver for ASUS P4C800-E deluxe in windows XP

I replaced my motherboard and installed a ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard. I used the same hard drives I had before. I did have to reinstall Windows XP after swaping the motherboards. I was able to Flash the bios to the current bios and install other drivers for the motherboard. When I try to run the install program for the audio drivers it does nothing. I downloaded the audio drivers from the ASUS web site but they do the same thing. It won't run.
Every thing else works great. I am able to install other programs with no problem.

Does any one have any ideas?
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Ok try this I presume you have already downloaded the correct sound driver which is a zip file. Open up 'My Documents' and create a new folder (File/New/Folder) and name it Sound Driver. Then open up the zipped sound driver in winzip and highlight all the files (Actions/Select All) and then press 'Extract'. In the right hand window of the extract box select the folder you have just named 'Sound Driver' and press the Extract button. All the files should now be in that file, open it up and just check before proceeding and if not perform the above again. Next goto 'Control Panel' and then 'Performance and Maintenance' then 'Hardware' and 'Device Manager'. In there you should see the problem area there should be an exclamation mark next to the device which isn't working (your sound). Right hand click on it and goto 'Properties' and 'Driver' then click 'Update Driver'. Select the 'Specify the location' and press next. Tick the box 'Specify the location' and then 'Browse'. Search for the 'Sound Driver' file in 'My Documents' click on it and press next. With any luck by forcing it to look in the correct place it should find the relevant files. Good Luck!
Perhaps you have to enable the onboard sound in the BIOS first.
When you first turn on the computer press delete to enter the setup.

If your board is similar to mine it will be under
Advanced > Chipset > Southbridge

After you enable it run the driver setup again.
brucemac1Author Commented:
I checked the bios and the sound is enabled.

I have downloaded the newest driver and unzipped it in a new folder. I have downloaded it from several locations, thinking that perhaps the file may have been corrupted. But I get the same results.
I believe this program also installs all the audio software.

when I try to run the install program nothing happens. I get the window that says the publisher could not be verified, Do you want to continue? I click on yes and then nothing happens.

In Device manager there are no Yellow exclamation marks.

Thanks for any and all help

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i suppose you downloaded the file : for win98SE/Me/2000/Xp ?
Because that is the right one
here a link to it :

and the inf and fasttrak files are on the Latest drivers page
brucemac1Author Commented:
Thanks Guys
 I appriciate all the help. I found the Problem. There was a previous installation that had failed. I didn't show up as being a installed program. it was preventing the install program from running. I removed it and the new install ran fine.
Thanks again.
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