CPU & MB compatible?

Is http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=19-112-187&depa=0

compatabile?  I bought them, thought they were, but i'm having issues and now doubting my thoughts.  Can someone confirm or deny my thought?

And if so, can someone help me figure why why it turns on, but no beep, no screen, no hd activity...

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Yeah, this should work...haven't looked @ the specs on the manufracturer's site though. What issues do you experience?

Blue Rishi
As Rishi says it should work.  Please describe your remaining hardware and OS.
jcbergmanAuthor Commented:
powers on, fans (cpu & added) turn, but nothing else

no beeps, no lights, no hd activity

currently only has 256MB DDR PC2100, 60gig hd, and DVD+-RW installed... no other pci
(vid card built in)
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Actually, it looks like your motherboard doesn't support Prescott CPUs.  You will need to replace one of those components.  If you get a new CPU, look for one with a Northwood core.  If you but a new MOBO, make sure it specifically says it supports Prescott CPUs.

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Are the jumpers set on the mobo correctly for the cpu? If its a jumperless mobo then try resetting the bios and see if that works also. Sometimes when I swap out cpu's on a jumperless mobo then it still looks for the old cpu and won't boot till I reset the bios either by the jumper on the mobo or taking out the battery turning it on then off and replacing the battery. I would try that before I go out and get a new processor or mobo.

Good Luck :)
jcbergmanAuthor Commented:
it is a jumperless mobo, so i reset the bios and it still didn't work.

Thanks for the suggetion though
jcbergmanAuthor Commented:

had to get new mb, and it worked fine.

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