"AirTunes" for all audio

I am looking for a device that will play all audio from my notebook to my stereo, much like the Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes.  iTunes is great, but if I want to watch a DVD, it doesn't do the job.  I found JustePort, but it looks like that is only for mp4 files.

Any suggestions?
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So, you want to watch a DVD on your laptop screen? And also have the sound wirelessly go to your stereo? Seems odd, but OK...

If stereo only will work (Dolby Surround), get a stereo FM transmitter and have your stereo tune to that. Very cheap, very reliable.

I don't know of any solutions that will transmit 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound wirelessly, but I imagine you could have a virtual driver on your laptop that uses WiFi, but then you'd need another computer on the other end, connected to your surround system to receive and decode that stream.

Maybe other experts know of such a thing.
jagoodieAuthor Commented:
You see, the speakers in my laptop, like most laptops, suck, and why would I want to watch a high quality video with mismal sound?  I don't like the FM transmitter solution, but if no one has any better ideas, I will give you credit.
If you want high quality video, you don't want a laptop display that's at most 17"... you want a 100" wide-screen room filling expanse of screen. For that you'd need a cable, and if you're going to do that, then you could just use another cable for audio.

Otherwise, you have to just stay in one spot to have the audio make sense, which is kind of against the main idea of a notebook computer: being portable.

If you're watching alone, you could get headphones. There are even very high-tech headphones with separate surround drivers. Many sound cards can also simulate surround very well with headphones. That way you could have your video and very-high quality audio and be portable too.

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jagoodieAuthor Commented:
Headphones would work, but no, I really want to use something like the AirPort.  If you can do it for iTunes, it can be done for all audio.  Mark my words - within a year, this will be doable.
No one suggested any way to transmit multi-channel audio.

I did suggest a method to transmit stereo, and the asker did write that he would award the points to me.
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