Not able to boot windows xp after power failure when running Acronis Partition Expert

I was in the process of re-sizing my windows partition and my power went out. When i booted the computer back up it went to a windows screen that said "autopart"... "Script Error: File Not Found" and then it goes to that blue screen and says something about a missing file in system32/config/SAM... and then it does the memory dump thing... I could really use the help... Thanks
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do you still have your original windows cd's?
if you do you would want to get out the blue ones and one of them says "reboot" or somthing of that sort.
that might help. if you don't have them you can usually find them by a friend with a recently bought computer
good luck

The quickest easiest fix would be to perform a repair install.
Boot to your windows CD. it should detect the current installation and offer you a repair install option (not to be confused with the repair console)

You'll have to reinstall your applications in windows once that's done but it should fix this problem.
You'll also have to reapply service packs and patches.
its better you repair your os
boot through operating system cd - at the time of setup you chose repair option - it repair your os and not harm any file in your computer.

newyorkrebellAuthor Commented:
I did repair Windows, but it still comes up "Acronis Autopart"... "Script: Error File Not Found". I don't know if there's something in the registry that is makes it start up or what.

What version / Build do you have? You could try to repartion it back to the original size. I assume you have a CD you use to do the operations? Perhaps just undo what you did. I would strongly recommend updating if you are using an older version than below.

Acronis Partition Expert (

First of all, please make sure you use the latest build (292), which is available at the web site at You will need to register your software first at

If the problem persists with the latest build you can also contact

Good Luck!!
You did a repair install and it still comes up with the partition manager? Interesting... I thought the repair would have nuked the registry.
newyorkrebellAuthor Commented:
yes, i am using the latest version, no, repairing windows didn't stop it from coming up. Here is the full blown problem: I used acronis partition expert (Windows version) to shrink the partition that WinXP is on so i had room for other partition. It said it had to restart inorder to do so. I restarted and when it was about to do its thing the power went out and when i finally got power back i started it up and it had the windows xp logo with the blue loading bar. Then it went to anoth screen that had windows xp logo in the corner. (Similar to the screen that pops up when windows does a scandisk/checkdisk) but it said acronis autopart, and then it said script: error file not found.
I used the bootable media for the partition expert and then shrunk the partition that way, like i was trying to do before. Did it fine but the acronis autopart still came up. So i did the windows xp repair... same thing happens... i need to be able to get this back up and running without re-installing windows or formating...
Thanks again.
This may be a better option for you to use as it is designed for this type of thing.

I have used this once to recover a damaged partition so it may help here.

The Pro
newyorkrebellAuthor Commented:
Already tried using the recovery expert/partition recovery, and it says there is not any damaged partitions, because there's insn't. The partition itself is fine, its getting the os on that partition to boot back up is the problem
Get into the recovery console and try out the fixboot command
Good Post Oli -

Yeah this part it particular should help

If there is a problem with the Boot-sector on the C:-drive, you can use "fixboot" to write
a new boot-sector.
If there is a problem with the Master-Boot-Record of the disk (maybe damaged by a virus),
you can use "fixmbr" to write a new MBR :

hope that helps!!
I dont think there's a problem with the MBR, everything seems to be ok, but running fixmbr wont hurt anything so try it anyway...

I'm a little concearned that it cannot find the sam file (as that's the main password file in windows...) if that's actually gone then you've sustained some partition damage
newyorkrebellAuthor Commented:
already did the fixmbr and all of that... and still does it, it actually says error is host file system32/config/SECURITY, my mistake...
try this out...
it should be able to repace your current registry with the one before this nonsense:

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