Backup Exec error backing up a Snap Appliance 4100 file server: a999848c unable to attach

We are using Veritas Backup Exec 9.0 for Windows Servers.  The domain was NT 4.0, and was migrated to Win2k3 AD.  The backup server was a member server in the old domain.  It has been migrated as a member server in the new domain.  It is running Windows 2000 Pro.

We have a Snap Appliance 4100.  2 actually.  Our end goal is to backup one to the other.  They are replacing a smaller Snap Appliance storage server.  This installation previously backed up the older Snap Server just fine.

We are having problems getting it to back up the new server.  Since this is a network based file server, we can't install a remote agent.

The backup fails with this error:
Final Error Code: a000848c HEX (0xa000848c HEX) or e000848c HEX (0xe000848c HEX)
Final Error Description:  "Unable to attach to one of the drives"

I am, however, able to browse and select files off the Snap Server.  I was initially getting this error on several machines, but corrected the username/password in the backup job to use an appropriate user account to access the resource.  The Snap Server is a domain member: meaning we can assign permissions based on domain user accounts, etc.  To no avail however.  Additionally, i've compared permissions on the old Snap server to the new one: they are identical.

The other odd problem I'm having, is that if I restart this box, it "forgets" the service account password: I have to go into the services control panel, and add the password back in for all the Backup Exec services, otherwise, they fail to start with a logon failure.

This is driving me nuts.  I've tried a lot of things and googled all over for this.  I think I've tried most of what I've seen out there, to no avail.  So 500 points if you can get this task off my plate and resolve this 2-pronged issue (failure to backup/service acct pw's), since they're likely related.

I'll try stuff again and you can see if I've missed something obvious.  Thanks for your help.
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blakogreAuthor Commented:
Seen and tried those, but will run through them again.  Company doesn't want to purchase support.  I won't be onsite for a few days, so it'll be a bit before I can run through them: close to the end of the week.

Thanks :-)
Did you try the DirectAssist as well? It seems asif you may suffer inappropriate authentication problems. What version of Veritas software are you using?

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blakogreAuthor Commented:
DirectAssist requires a support contract:
"o  Use of VERITAS DirectAssist’s Self-Assisted functionality is free-of–charge to all customers.
 o   To open a support case using VERITAS DirectAssist, you must have a valid support contract or incident support contract on the Backup Exec product experiencing an issue. If you need to purchase incident support, please call VERITAS Technical Services."

It's version 9.
Is that the only option it provides you with? Don't you have other options such as 'Diagnostics'?

blakogreAuthor Commented:
My mistake - again, I'm offsite, but I read that blurb on the page you sent, i didnt' see this:
"VERITAS DirectAssist also gives you the ability to diagnose and resolve many issues yourself, using the tool’s built-in functionality, thus often eliminating the need to contact VERITAS for resolution to your issue."

So I'll give that a shot...  :-)
Best of luck


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